Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mr SandwichBag.

This is a story, about a sandwich bag.

In a cafeteria far far away, and in a time long long ago, there was a sandwich bag.

 Mr SandwichBag's best friend was no other than Miss Sandwich of course! 

Mostly, all they do is protect each other from their greatest enemy -
the greedy kid with grimy fingers full of snot.

And so, Mr SandwichBag and Miss Sandwich lived happily ever after.


Don't you just love these senseless stories? Heehee.
(I'm sorry, I was bored and decided my blog needed a new entry.)

P.S Due to an unforseen soggy-lettuce situation, Miss Sandwich has refused to pose for photos. But she has a photo account (not unlike Facebook) here.


  1. i love brown bags !! haha anw, happy cny to you and your family babu !! (:

  2. babu! heehee i love brown bags too! so old-school eh. :) Happy CNY to you too!