Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Welcome to the first episode of 'Look!'.

I shall try to make this a fortnightly event, and it is mainly to showcase Etsy shops, which I have fortunately stumbled upon. Etsy is such a wonderful site, and I hope 'Look!' will attract you to join the site, either as a buyer/seller, or just take a further look at the respective artist's shop.

In today's 'Look!', I was mindlessly browsing through Etsy's categories, and decided to use the 'pounce' function on the shops which have just had a sale. 

And of course they deserved the sale! Just look at the lovelies beneath.



I hope some of you have fun shopping!

By the way, this is not the big plan I was talking about in the few entries earlier. 
I'm still tying up some loose threads with that!


  1. I have visited those three shops you mentioned above and their works & creations are adorable.
    This will kill my wallet and my time… *_0y
    Thanks for the sharing!


  2. Hi Oiseau! Thank you, I was beginning to wonder if this would be the first and last episode of 'Look!'. :P

    Oh yes, they are such wonderful shops aren't they! I know where to look when I need a gift now! :)

  3. Just had a look, the three are quite interesting,great idea to share:-)
    By the way I love your new blog banner!

  4. Emma/Neil, thank you! :) and hooray, someone noticed my blog banner! :D