Sunday, April 29, 2012

Miniature iced gems.

When my titles get all literal like that, you know I'm in a nua mood. (for non-Singaporeans, nua means feeling sluggish and not wanting to move/do anything haha)

So it's been a pretty nua Sunday so far, headed out for roasted pork and rice for brunch with the family and am back home now. It's my grandma's birthday today (sheng ri kuai le ah ma!) and I'll be trooping over to her house for just a small get together. Probably armed with a cake haha.

Speaking of cakes, I got a bag of iced gems at the bakery just now! Guess the craving kicked in while I was editing the photos of the miniature ones I had made.

Oh yes, it's just 2 days away from Tuesday, which is when I'll close slots for the Rose Cupcake Workshop as I need some time to prepare materials etc. So do send over your registration mails if you haven't! ♥

And look at little Mio enjoying the colourful treats, she's so adorable I couldn't not put this up.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday nua-ing away. ♥

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  1. Felicidades a tu abuela, espero que lo hayais pasado bien.......aunque hoy estes "nua"....mañana sera un buen dia....seguro!!!!!
    Me encanta ese bol lleno de deliciosos ducles.
    besitos ascension