Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christmas is early this year.

Side announcement: April Commissions are now closed, thanks so much for your support! Hope to sculpt for you in May. ♥

Yup, 8 months earlier haha. I finally decided to post this photo of some Christmas earrings I made last December, the backlog of photos is just crazy!

You may laugh at the ugly snowdrops, I lazily photoshopped them in using brush only so the effect leaves much to be desired.

And then I decided, heck since I'm backtracking till Christmas, it wouldn't be a bad time to introduce a treat from Chinese New Year. So here you have it, a smiley pineapple tart pendant.

If you're not familiar with Chinese customs, pineapple tarts and cookies are the usual stars of the festival, because of it's auspicious sounding name - 黄梨 if you read it in Hokkien dialect it means to welcome prosperity.

and lastly..

Posted this photo on the facebook page (which you should really check out if you have facebook!), and everyone managed to guess that it was actually a miniature camera perched on a actual DSLR.

I'm beginning to have a collection of miniature cameras, it's time for a group shot soon!


personal rant ahead.

Yesterday was an extremely low day for me, nothing worked out and I was kept waiting for a long time for dinner, and you know what they say about hungry women. The low blow came when I was finally served a half-assed effort at wanton mee, by a kitchen assistant who was clearly at her first day at work.Very unsatisfactory dinner, and way to end the day to say the least. Tried to make up by ordering a nice dessert which was more expensive than the dinner, but the damage was already done.

For the rest of the night, I was also thinking hard about AiClay (when am I ever not?).

Ultimately, I realised whatever plans I had in store, they were all going to require discipline and hard work. Both of which I sorely lack.:(

random photo of a breakfast place in taiwan, just to break up the verbal diarrhoea. :)

Someone once told me about the struggle for a lot of craft businesses. Simply put, crafting and business require a very different skillset and few possess both qualities. For the few craft businesses which have taken off successfully, I'm forever in admiration of those behind it.

But unfortunately, it is not the case for mine. Without going into too much details, I just wish I was more focused and able to juggle many roles at once. Being the sole person behind AiClay, I'm the one who liases with customers, accepts orders, sculpts, sends out packages, takes photos for marketing, listing in online stores.. the list goes on.

That said, it is also why I fully appreciate every comment or like on my flickr/facebook/blog, it's a wonderful boost and makes me work harder. So, please keep them coming, and I can never thank you guys enough if you've managed to read till this point. 

Ending off this depressing post with a happier photo of me and JY riding on a swan boat in Taiwan.


  1. :) You work so HARD! I know what it's like and I admire the job that you do!
    You guys are cute!
    Have fun!!!!

  2. I often wish there was someone to do all the nitty gritty stuff for me so I could just get on with painting! I feel you!

  3. your boyfren very the handsome. when you have enough money, you can hire me for the stuff you don't want to do :)

  4. Amber Dawn: Hello! I wish I did but I don't work hard enough though! :( Thanks for always commenting, I truly appreciate it!

    Xhanthi: hahah, totally right! All those nitty gritties add up to a whole load of time!

    ilovelittlethings: hahahhaha! that cracked me up and I need to go tell him! and my, I'm looking forward to the day when I can hire someone too (prob like never) haha.

  5. Hi Jocelyn!

    I'm the girl from DROOL handmade stamps if you still rmb liking my page! I was really excited when you liked my fb page because I didn't know that you're actually the very cool crafter of AiClay! ;) I can totally understand how you feel and just wanna encourage you by saying that being a crafter is definitely going to be tough, but I think it's such an amazing job because you can do what you really like! I really admire crafters like you and I'm inspired to let my craft be part of my job in future. (I'm still a student now!)

    So never give up, keep your blog/flickr/facebook going and spread your love for miniatures! :)

    ~Rachel Ma

    1. Rachel! I can't believe I just saw this comment. :) Thanks so much for reading my blog, and crafters' power to you too! ♥ Lovin' your stamps!

  6. hello!! i love your blog joceepoo! :) (this post was posted on my birthday too, haha) jiayou and keep on crafting! you're doing really well and i'm really happy for you. you'll just get better! :)

    and JY does look pretty good there. HAHAH. tell him that.

    see you soon!

  7. awww Ros! heehee, yes it was on your birthday hur! thanks so much for the encouragement, a pat on my back is always appreciated! (my arms aren't that long)

    hahaha, and yes doesn't his skin look amazing, tsk hahaha!