Monday, April 16, 2012

I love my Mom. { Rose Cupcake Pendant Workshop }

Update: All thanks to a great suggestion by a friend, I'm also going to offer handphone straps to be paired with the pendant at the workshop! Details at bottom of post!


I was about to start writing a sappy post about my mom, but she walked in suddenly and I felt all embarrassed in true Asian fashion and deleted the chunk. :/

Guess I'll leave that for when it's nearer to Mother's Day! ♥

So I've finally planned another workshop yay! I've crafted it specially for everyone who would like to give their mothers an unique gift this year. It would be held one week before Mother's Day itself, enough time for you to write a nice card to go along with this special gift! ♥

{scroll to bottom for details of workshop!}

The rose cupcake pendant would be a sweet declaration of your love, and dainty enough to be worn by almost any woman. I'm pretty sure most mothers would love it, because my mom chanced upon it on my table and started gushing over it! Haha, okay that was some crazy generalisation but cupcake + light pastels + rose is some lethal cute combination!

Of course if you would like to make this for yourself or anybody else, I'll be more than happy to have you at the workshop as well! ♥

As suggested by a friend, I have decided to offer free handphone straps at the workshop. So now the rose cupcake can hang off your handphone or bag strap too! ♥ And it can easily be taken off and paired with a chain for a cute necklace when desired.

Hope to see you at the workshop! ♥ Maybe I'll get my mom to go as well hmm.


  1. Beautiful! Any mom would be ecstatic to receive such a wonderful gift!


  2. Hi Jocelyn, are there any more seats available for the above mentioned class? My friend & I are interested to join & to surprise our Mothers with such a lovely handmade gift.

  3. Jackie: awwww thank you! ♥ yes I would think so too haha.
    Patricius: Hi! Yes there are still workshop slots left, do email me ASAP at to register!! ♥