Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday and flowers.

Fridays seem to be reserved only for partying, chilling at the most happening pub, shopping at the hippiest mall. Just check out whatever all your friends are updating their facebook feed with and you'll get what I mean.

Sometimes I feel that facebook is a giant competition for who has the most happening life.

If it is, I must be one of the biggest losers. This Friday (it's the thirteenth too btw ooh.), I spent it sketching flowers. Yes you read right. Of all shapes, sizes. 

After a while I realised how tiresome it was just to fill a small part of the paper with flowers and sucuumbed to using photoshop to 'clone' the rest.

I wasn't sketching it just for fun though, they were designed for miniature cookie boxes. And just like any of my other miniature packaging, I really did not want to infringe on any copyrights by lifting from the net. So despite my shoddy colouring skills in photoshop, I had to design my own.

Score 1 for my conscience, score 0 for spending too much time on packaging.

That sums up my unhappening Friday. And that I was sneezing and hacking the whole way through. I feel so bad for Mother Earth because I used up so much tissue. :(

But I have a barbeque happening tomorrow (which doesn't bode well for my sick throat bah). Now that sounds something worthy of posting on facebook hah.

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  1. Score 10 for the boxes which are absolutely cute!Rosanna