Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shades of a pastel rainbow {macaron charms}

It's finally Saturday, which means I'm just one day away from the workshop! 

Even though it's not my first workshop, I have to admit it still gives me the jitters a teeny bit. 

I remember when I was still in school, one of my worst nightmares was the teacher calling me forward to give a presentation to the rest of the class. Facing a bazillion (yes it felt that many) unfeeling pairs of eyes and bored expressions just makes me feel so small (and I'm only 1.5m to start with). 

So most of the times I forgot what to say, can you imagine the awkwardness already.

So my workshops have been forcing me to come out of my comfort zone, and challenging my fear of public speaking. Maybe it's not a good idea to talk about how horrid I was at public speaking just before a public workshop, but fear not, my workshop participants. 
I've come a long way from that timid, self-conscious schoolgirl I was, though I'm still 1.5m. -__-

Maybe it's the fact that I'll be talking about something I have worked with day in and out for years, or maybe it's practice, but there is a lot less nerves talking, more confidence and excitement about sharing the craft.

A small victory for me.


Here are some macaron bracelet charms that lovely Teresa commissioned a few weeks back. She wanted something in pastel, so I chose these soft shades for her.

I pasted the photo below on the facebook fanpage and asked for guesses on what I was making. Even gave a clue which was 'famous in the land of the tower', and everyone got their guesses right. I'm going to have a lot more subtle next time. 

I enjoyed making them so much, that I'll be making one more set for the store. However, that would be it for now, because I foresee extreme busyness in the next few weeks. So grab it if you like it.

I have decided to cut off registration for the Miniature Basket of Bread Workshop till 6pm tonight, so that's another hour for whoever's keen!

Now please excuse me, I've got some miniature baskets to paint.

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