Friday, February 24, 2012

a little guessing game.

I played a little game with my facebook and flickr friends that day. I posted the photo below, and asked them to guess what it is. 

For those who haven't seen it, let's play it too, shall we? ♥

The hint I gave them was that it's a part of something else. Very vague I know, but previous experience told me that my fb/flickr friends are fabulous guessers.

Here's 1 minute for you, before you scroll downwards for the answer okay?




(hey, no cheating it's not 1 minute yet!)



(58, 59, 1 minute)

Time's up! Sorry to have wasted 1 minute of your life haha.

But did you guess correctly, it's a 1/12th scale cherry stalk

 Alright so the stalk is almost hidden by my fat fingers here, the second picture shall show off the stalks better.

I also sculpted the tiny white bowl, as I was getting irritated with the mass-made bowls and plates looking all out of scale in photos.

All of the cherries are in 1/12th scale, handsculpted by me.


Yesterday I went to a friend's place and carried a little baby of 9 months. Can't remember the last time I was so close to such a tiny human being, and the experience was so sweet. He had such bright eyes and smelled heavenly with that powdery baby smell. Once in a while, he would make little laughing noises which made all the adults go awww and give him starry gazes. ♥

Tonight I'll be going for a local play as I got complimentary tickets from JY. I have no idea what it would be, and don't have any intention to read up on it. Shall just head there and see what's in store. Maybe the actor would just hold a water gun and squirt water at an unlucky audience member the whole 2 hours and keep chanting 'moist'. Hahaha. (joke reference: How I met your mother)


  1. Love this:) The bowl and the cherries, just beautiful:)

  2. Love the cherries, so delicate! The bowl is also very nice. Have fun tonight at the play.

  3. The cherry are a great work. Beautiful.
    Hugs from Craftland