Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th February.

Is it the magical day over at your side yet? I've always been curious about this day, might have to carry out some google-ing to find out the reason behind why it only occurs once in 4 years.

Someone on my facebook posted that today is a day that we all work for free. But I prefer to think of the positives (plus the fact that I pay my own salary lol), and is there anyone out there who was born on this day? 

Waitttt, I just had a mindblowing thought, does that mean your actual birthday would only fall on your 4th, 8th, 12th etc etc birthdays? 

Actually on hindsight, that isn't very mindblowing. Pardon my mathematical disability.

Anyway, I just want to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who only gets to celebrate their birthday every 4 years! 

Please have a huge celebration and a rocking time to make up for the other 3 years! ♥

I'm tapping my toes to the beat, are you? ♥


  1. OMG the doll is very pretty, I love it; where you bougth?? Your blog is amaizing; and an other question, do you sell the things you do? because they're nice. Kisses. Bye

  2. I feel sorry for the people born on the birthday every four years sounds like a gyp to me, lol.

    My birthday is 28th Feb so I just made it in time to get a birthday every year :D

  3. Ale, thank you, she's bought from (lati white belle basic). ♥ And yep, I sell my works in my independent store, link at the top of my website named '♥ shop ♥' !

    Minnie, lol! Ooohh yes just in time indeed! A belated happy birthday to you too! ♥

  4. Love your little Lati dolly :-) She is sooo cute!!

    Hugs Jollie