Monday, February 27, 2012

Eggs + Flour = Pancakes

I remember making pancakes on a few occasions. 

Once was on JY's birthday, other times I just felt in the mood for some early morning baking, and once in a blue moon the pancakes craving would kick in really hard.

They are really easy to whip up, and you can find recipes online everywhere. Personally, I like knowing where my food comes from, so it's always good making my own pancakes rather than mixing up some processed bought mixture that comes in a box.

By the way, I've omitted a few ingredients in the title, they might be easy to make but there's more than eggs and flour in them.

Miniature pancakes handsculpted in 1/3 scale, about 5cm in diameter. Plate also handsculpted by me.

Lastly, I love taking shots of eggs, they are such lovely symmetrical natural subjects.


  1. Se ven tan reales que dan ganas de comerselos.
    besitos ascension

  2. OK I just love the picture of the plate of pancakes on the eggs! Wonderful use of scale. Great job!