Tuesday, March 2, 2010

toast + ham + lettuce + toast = SANDWICH

I love food math. :)


When I was in London for a month a few years ago to visit my good ol' friend, I remember seeing sandwiches all over the city.

In specialty sandwich gourmet stores, there were carefully arranged stacks of beautifully wrapped high grade sandwiches which were going for a few pounds for a pair.

In grocery chains, there were cost-saver sandwiches at 99pence. I remember squealing at that price, because that was honestly the cheapest item I saw in London, heh.

One of my most vivid memory in that trip, was having the BEST sandwich I ever had in my life, yet. (Also, the most expensive.)

It was from Pret A Manger, and I still can taste the smoked bacon, crunchy cress and a whole lot of other ingredients which I can't name, but OH THE HEAVENLY SMELL AND CRUNCH OF IT ALL!

Sorry for the outburst in caps, I just got a bit carried away thinking about it.


(because I'm far far away from London now, and I don't see anywhere in the near future where can I get another All Day Breakfast. SIGH.)


Unless I make one myself I guess. But besides bread, tomato and ketchup, I really don't have any other of the other ingredients.

-extremely tempted to put in another sigh, but there's an overload of them in this entry already eh.

Oh, I suddenly remember that on departure day at the airport, everyone else was scurrying around to look for KrispyKremes, but not me. Instead, I was really really anxious to have my last Pret A Monger sandwich because who knows when I'll taste it again!

These miniature sandwiches, sandwiched between my fingers (HOHOHO pun!), measure 3cm along longest side (cut side) and are 0.7cm in height.

Now how can I let you go without a snapshot of this sandwich I've been gushing non-stop of.

It's the one in the middle. Shucks, my stomach is rumbling just looking at this photo.

An old snapshot at London's Pret A Manger.

I'm the one in the middle. (See, I'm fated to be reunited with my sandwich. Both in the middle, get it?)

Right, I really need to grab dinner now for my very-unsatisfied tummy!



  2. babu! youuu are TOO fast! I'm like still editing the entry haha. I miss london too, and YOU! :)

  3. The sandwiches are amazing. Very realistic textures!

  4. OMG your sandwiches are so cute!! Your miniatures are so fantastic! hehe and I love how you made little bites out of a few of the sandwiches too.

  5. Well my friend, you have just won my heart, mind and imagination. I sooo love your work Truely things of beauty. Fabulous! I am your loyal follower now. So glad I stumbled in here today. I'm your newest latest fan. Keri (a.k.a. Sam) P.S. come to see my sandwich blog. I'd be flattered.

  6. De, thank youuu!! :)

    Angelina, thank you! I still don't know who took bites out of them, grr. :X

    Sam, aww that's too flattering! A blog, all about sandwiches?!? I'm there! :D

  7. What wonderful little sandwiches! yes, now my mouth is watering just reading this post and looking at the pix--sigh!


  8. Jody, I'm so craving to have a sandwich for breakfast now. (ya I just woke up hehh) I'm still looking at the photo of the Pret sandwiches and willing them to jump out from the computer screen! hehh.

  9. What a pretty girl, well, you all are. :)

    Sandwiches look pretty good, too. :)

  10. very very very hungry after looking at minis.. omg.. there's still hours till lunch time.. lol..

    u r really fantastic.. ur creations are always sooo detail and real!!


  11. Dale, sheeshh I'm blushing! haha thanks! :)

    Cassiemissy, thank you so much! Go grab some dessert for after lunch! :)

  12. Tasty looking sandwiches. You're very talented :)