Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look! {two.}

Welcome to the second episode of 'Look!'.

This glorious Sunday, I have gathered a few shops which have not received any sales yet. It is puzzling as they have beautiful items which are just begging to be owned and loved!

Show some love to the eight shops below and be their first Etsy customer! :)



I have been wanting to feature Etsy shops which have had no sales yet for a really long time. I was sure that there must be plenty around, with beautiful inventory just waiting to be bought and loved!

However, during the few days of researching for this entry, I realised these undiscovered gems were harder to find than I thought. Shops like those featured above are really few and far between.

While flipping through the many pages of shops which have yet to have a sale, it became apparent that most of them had zero sales for glaring reasons.

As a buyer on Etsy, I honestly feel that most of the shops I've seen, commit at least one of the common turn-offs below.

A. People buy handmade because it is precisely that, HANDMADE. We like to know the real person who has knitted/painted/sculpted the item, so do fill out that empty seller's profile!

B. Having a blank avatar just shows how little effort you've put into the shop.

C. Seriously, I don't want to buy something I'm supposed to wear on my head, that you've left on the muddy ground to photograph.

D. Unless it's a lone word, like 'SALE!' or 'NOTE!', reading an entire item description in CAPS is plain uncomfortable and would get any potential buyers running out of your shop fast.

I wish all of you that very exciting first sale quick! :)


  1. These tips are very useful. Great effort taking the time to do all this, Jocelyn! :)

  2. So nice of you to feature shops that have had no sales but have such wonderful items to offer. And excellent tips. It is difficult to look at your own shop, photos, etc. with a critical, unbiased eye!


  3. Thank you for featuring my new shop! I hope it will be just as successful, if not more so, than my original shop!

  4. Sans, oh no problem-o! :) I'm glad to help!

    Jody, yup I agree. It does take considerably lesser effort to fall in love with one's own work. :P

    Kat, you're welcome! :) I wish you much success in your Etsy shop too! :)

  5. You posted on my Etsy thread about this exact topic, featuring undiscovered shops. Beautifully done!