Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy birthday to me! (kind of)

Right now, I am dead beat from work, with bleary eyes and a mind that has already gone to sleep.
So do forgive any errors along the way. :)

My birthday was 9 days ago. A few weeks ago, I had this grand plan of making a miniature birthday cake. As 22nd March crept closer, the grand plan shrunk to just making a tower of cupcakes.

My birthday came. And passed, and all I had made were four chocolate cupcakes. 
Undecorated, mind you.

Sigh, juggling both AiClay and a full-time job ain't as easy as I thought.


Right, I never meant for this entry to be depressing! 
Let me lift this veil of gloom (ah now I'm a poet).

Four chocolate cupcakes seemed too lonely, and so I gathered 
some miniature kitchenware and little chocolate hearts.


 Little itsy bitsy cupcake papers.

I promise the next entry would be a much happier one. 
I'll even stuff in a joke or two about char siew paus! :)


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! A Big Hug for the Birthday Girl...

    The chocolate cupcakes look so moist, and the hearts look like they are the richest bitter-sweet dark chocolate I could sink my teeth into!


  2. Bless your heart! Happy Late Birthday! I love your sweet little cupcakes and can't even imagine how you made the little cupcake papers! So sweet! I hope you can find the balance you long for soon! It is tough even with a part-time job and three children and the inability to stay awake to work on things at night! lol! So I relate!


  3. Happy Belated!! CUUUTE cupcakes. I can't believe how miniature those cupcake papers are. You're super talented. And oh, I totally sympathize with you regarding the full time job. Ugh, I struggle every day to find that balance but in the end, most nights I just keep working until I'm too tired to do anymore!

  4. Very realistic! I am suddenly craving chocolate!


  5. Yay! Happy birthday! I hope you had a great one! Mine was yesterday...go Aries!

  6. Happy birthday, Jocelyn!
    Your heart shaped chocolate is so real and I also love the cupcake cases you make. You are still here; the work makes you tired but once you are available, you are still able to make such lovely mini food! Cheer up~

  7. Sumaiya, awww a warm hug back! :) You always have such lovely things to say!

    Jody, ohh it's actually not that hard to make the cupcake papers once you've found the right mold. (see, i followed this roughly!)I don't like to work at night too, feels like I'm spoiling my eyes!

    Angelina, wow I wish I was as disciplined as you! :)

    Stefanie, thank you! :)

    Allie, hi there fellow Aries! :)

    Oiseau, yep I'm still here! definitely. :)

  8. Happy birthday Aiclay!

    Hey, I'm just wondering. I just started a blog, would it be okay if I link yours to my recommended reading list, as I love your blog?

    Thank you.


  9. Of course you may Sel! Thank you, that's very flattering. :)