Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teddy chocolates, and summer vacation!

You won't believe how long I took in choosing the colour of the speech bubble below. I've gotten so used to using pastel colours that dark blues look all weird to me now.

That's a sneak peek of a box of teddy chocolates, and as I've mentioned, I'm going on vacation!

In fact, I'll be going to two countries, to Bintan in Indonesia for a really short weekend getaway and then a longer stay in Gold Coast, Australia! -bouncing in excitement!

With my schedule totally packed, and having 2 workshops and several orders to work on from till I leave for this extravagant summer holiday, I've decided to close my bigcartel and etsy stores for now. They will re-open on 4th July, hopefully I'm not too jetlagged to do so!

It's the first time I'm closing my store since I opened it, but this break is sorely needed. Thinking of the work ahead of me before the holiday is painful, and as much as I need the money, I have to stop taking on any work.

The trip in Gold Coast would be free and easy, and I'll love any travel advice you have for me! ♥ I MIGHT just do another travel giveaway like I did for Hokkaido too, so stay tuned for that!


  1. I wanna have teddy chocolate. Now. And it's all your fault T__T (There isn't even anything that's close to teddy chocolate where I live right now...)

    Travel safe!

    1. (omg i just discovered i can reply to comments straight away!O_o)

      Haha I'm so sorry, but you know what, I want to munch on a teddy chocolate as well! Where do you live btw? :)

  2. You will enjoy the Gold Coast! I hope the rain goes away by the time you arrive, it's very wet on the East Coast of Australia right now with high seas eroding the beaches. Have a safe trip and a good rest!

    1. Thank you Susan! Yes, I've been checking on the weather and it does seem quite rainy. :( I've booked an apartment right on the beach as well, hope that the weather turns sunny soon!

  3. Esos ositos de chocolate se ven de lo mas delicioso.
    Espero que disfrutes de tus vacaciones, nos vemos a la vuelta.
    besitos ascension