Monday, June 25, 2012

Instagram loves.


I have a day in between Bintan and Gold Coast, so here's a quick update!
I'm currently still home right now, with my filled luggage beside me.

Here are some photos from my Instagram (get this Iphone App if you haven't!) of my Bintan trip!
This is the first time I joined Jack's family and it was loads of fun!

I am wearing this shirt to Gold Coast as well, shouting my national pride everywhere haha.

The villa we lived in for 3 days, complete with pool and a buggy!

We had a fabulous cook at Bintan, and she made this delicious egg with buttered toast breakfast every morning!

Add me on instagram, so that I can see what you're up to on your side of the world as well! 
My username is joceaiwei. ♥

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