Thursday, June 21, 2012

A macaron birthday party.

Let me apologise if you're here for photos of macarons. Because it's not that kind of macaron party.

BUT you will see some photos of really cute cake pops. Edible ones too, yum. Plus a sprinkling of me too yay. (lol not really huh) AND a very cute dog!

 So the night before, I made some miniature macaron boxes for the party, and printed the birthday girl's name on it as well. 

( again, happy birthday Paige! ♥ )

-inserts random photo of cute cake pops as promised, to break up too many human photos.

 Jack accompanied me this time too (as with almost all my workshops) and was photographer of the day. By the way, that is also his hand holding the miniature macaron. 

Brownie points for anyone who could tell it wasn't mine, since I post so many hand shots!

 This was the amazing place we were at - Scotts Square residences. It was right smack in town and had swanky restaurants and shops right in the basement. Lovely lovely place.

Plus Jack got to relax on that orange/white couch while I was teaching. Lucky him!

Look cute dog! 

He was leashed to a tree and kept yelping for us to bring him in. It was also his birthday that day, 6th birthday if I didn't remember wrongly (i probably did)!


All together now, with the lovely bunch of girls! 
They were all so wonderful to teach, and really cracked me up with their jokes as well! Special shout-out to Rachel too, for recommending AiClay!

The girls are all holding the macaron boxes filled with miniature macarons they had made, but the cake pops really take all the attention away.

My birthday present for Paige. 
Her mom told me that her favourite colour is tiffany blue (i love that too!).

With birthday girl, Paige. :) Doesn't she look sweet with the necklace?

Finally a last photo of the delish cake pops! Me and Jack shared the durian one (filled with maoshanwang goodness, for those who know their durians), and I licked the container clean, it was THAT good! 

Wow, always a bit of a nightmare blogging about workshops, since I always get a lot of photos to edit and post! But there, that's done.

 Now I just have to pack for my upcoming vacations! Yippee! :)


  1. This looks like a great day! I love how you made customized stuff for the birthday girl, your workshops seem to be really fun :)

  2. OOooh cool! those girls seems so incredibly quiet and concentrated. You must have been a great teacher ^^

  3. It was so much fun! Thank you Joycelyn for teaching us how to make the tiny macaroons!