Friday, October 7, 2011

Not the least bit cheery.

Slightly ironic that I'm posting about cherries.

But first let me get this off my chest (if you saw my now-deleted Facebook comment you might know what's going on).

So whatever happened, happened yesterday. Coincidentally it was about apples, but it wasn't about Steve Jobs passing. Since I have communicated with the crafter in question and she has promised me to make necessary changes, I would not comment further on the matter.

All I have to say for now, is for all resellers to please note, I will require you to state that the works are made by me from AiClay. I would also promote your store so it is beneficial for you to let me know you are reselling my items.

Right, moving on!

I have listed the miniature cherries in the store! They are in 1/6th scale, and comes with the little white bowl. ♥ They fit perfectly on little Bambi (pukifee). 

Here's wishing all of you a happy weekend! ♥


  1. I don't know what happened, but people stole some of my pictures once and I get copied all the time (and I'm not speaking of simple designs) so hm, I hope you're better now, the best is to stand above all of it and just work harder and forget about those stupid things once they're cleared ^^

    The cherries are perfect! so sweet ^^
    and yaaay a tiny doll ^^

  2. Sorry to hear that but it's more important to move on than to get upset. By the way I just realised Pukifee is 1:6! To think I offered you Pong's clothes. So silly!!!

  3. Stephanie: Thank you for the reassurance. ♥ I'm definitely better now, hoping that it will all be resolved soon!

    May: Yupp I'm going to move on from that!! :) And pukifees are around 16cm, so 1:6 if she is a small child, and a really tall adult if she's 1:12. hahah. They are a bit in between scales! But I'm thinking of making a pukipuki or a lati white one day, got to work harder and save up! :)