Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I finally shot those darn burgers.

There are some things that is always on my to-do list but also on the Highly Procrastinated list. The lists goes like.

#1287: Repaint walls of room
#1288: Retake photos of burgers

Finally, I can strike an item off the lists (both lists!). And nope, didn't do any painting these days so it's the latter!

#1288: Retake photos of burgers

 And they are also in the shop, together with the tiny burger box. ♥

The hamburger is in 1/6th scale - measuring at 1.7cm in diameter.

What is one thing that has been on your to-do list for a really long time but you've never got to doing?


  1. (Sorry, not sure if my last post worked...)

    They're amazing! I've got so many things on my to-do list I can't even think of anything!

  2. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the kind words! :) and Vic, hahah I get you, my actual to-do list runs into the thousands if I really list them down. Yikes.