Sunday, October 16, 2011

If you don't hear from me..

I'm always grateful for every email that I receive, and make it a point to reply all of them. However, there are a few who have let me know that their mails have gone unanswered. After a futile search in my inbox, it turns out I've never even received their mails.

This is pretty worrying, as it could only mean that Hotmail is slightly cranky. Who knows how many other mails I have unknowingly ignored and how many people I've unconsciously offended! o.O

While I try to figure out what is wrong with Hotmail, I would like anyone who has not received a reply to your mail within 2 days, to please contact me through other ways. (Facebook, Flickr, DoA, blog comments) Really sorry for the hassle, but this is the best solution I can think of now.


Now that the public service announcement is over, let's see some photos shall we?

While surfing around some craft blogs, I came across this which gave my brain a tiny explosion - blu-tack is really useful for tacking down small items which tend to roll around.

I've been sculpting for 2 years and never has that occurred to me! Oh my, all the needless cursing when yet another apple or cherry rolled out of my hands. 

Thus, I put the blu-tack (mine's grey haha) to great use afterwards as seen in the photo. Thank you, craft-blog-that-i-can't-remember-but-will-forever-be-thankful-to!

Usually I only accept food commissions, but lately I started to miss sculpting things with faces (aside from gingerbread men). And so I took on some animal commissions.

This little goat will be made into a handphone charm. ♥

Sunday's coming to a close here, it's 10PM already. Spent all Saturday at my grandparents' and left with a fat envelope of ancient treasured photos to scan and repair with Photoshop. I love spending time with my grandparents, but sadly I don't think I'm doing my best as a grand-daughter. I hope you're not guilty of that as well. :(


  1. Oh, I couldn't live without Blu-tac! (or white-tac. It is white over here) :D
    Well, ok, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement, but it certainly helps a lot.
    Have you tried using it as a masking tape? It works great!
    And of course your minis look lovely, as usual! :)

  2. Ah yeah i didnt hear from you either xD
    i ordered a few months ago i think ;o
    but i thought you were very busy :3

    aniways i hope that this will be solved soon ^^

  3. Hi,
    Has been popping over at ur blog a quite a number of times. I am truly impressed. I have started on polymer clay about two years ago but I cannot do something so neat as yours. I love your stuffs, so real. Still learning to handle my clay and my fat fingers. Anyway, just bought a miniature cake house and I wish to fill the cake house with my own miniature cakes and sweets stuffs.


  4. woww YAYY for long comments!! ♥

    Stella: hahah can you believe mine was actually white, ahemmm. masking tape?? HOW! I feel another mind explosion happening ahhaa.

    Jennifer: Oh noo! :( Do send me another mail pretty please? I definitely am hoping to solve this asap too! Thanks for being so patient Jennifer! ♥

    Wen: Thank you so much! Oooh, wanna come for a workshop, it'll be fun to sculpt together! ♥ A miniature CAKE house? woww i can hardly imagine the cuteness, and with cake stuffs inside? WOWWW.

  5. Oh! All is very nice..The blu-tac is a great idea...Hugs

  6. Hi Jocelyn,

    Thanks for the offer... but I am pretty much tied up at work and at home (mother of two...) I play with my clay when the kids go to sleep by 9 pm and I only have two hours each session.

    Can you tell me what to start with if I want to start on the miniature food? Which is easier to practice and achieve?

    Thanks a lot

  7. Hi, i am new here! and i am really impressed at how detailed and intricate your sculptings are! very pretty!

  8. Maria: Thank you! And yes, blu-tack is so helpful!! Hugs.

    Wen: I hope playing with clay makes you happy for all the energy drained from taking care of your children! For my workshops, I always recommend starting with miniature cookies, either chocolate chunk/chip cookies or a simple frosted one. :) You could start with that too! :)

    crustabakes: Ohh my HELLO! :D I'm always popping into your blog to get inspiration for my miniature food, so it's an honour to have you here!