Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strawberries and sundays.

On this bright Sunday, my little brother is leaving Singapore to participate in a military training in Australia for 3 weeks. See you back home in October, bro! ♥

Heard it's getting hotter in Aussie now, some strawberries and cream to cool off maybe?


Just imagine the slathering of cream on these red jewels. ♥ 

These are made in 1/3 scale, and measures about 1.5cm in length.

I am also proud to say I've been featured on Knotty Bicsie - a talented crocheting/knitting crafter based in Singapore. I've seen some photos of her works, and of her students' when they knit for their little babies, and it's all really adorable! ♥ Do head on over to show some love!

I hope you'll be spending this lovely Sunday with your loved ones, till later!