Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The little naked kid.

There is a new kid in the house! ♥

I've been showing off this little one on Flickr since I received him/her a few weeks back, but I decided (s)he needs an introduction on my blog. 

If you haven't realised, I haven't decided if (s)he is going to be a boy or girl yet. And s(he) has no name yet too. I welcome all gender/naming suggestions! ♥

Okay this is getting tiring, let's call the little one J for now.
Sorry for the upcoming nakedness! -blushes.

J is only 16cm tall, and has been employed to model the 1/12th miniature food. ♥

My latest photo of J - I tried to make a felt hat for J (using the glue&water method, anyone tried it?) but it was a terrible failure. But not to fret, it will be turned into an animal costume for Halloween!

Take a shot and guess what animal it will be? :)


  1. A frog? I LOVE,LOVE J's little face! I want one of these dolls so bad!!! I love BJD's.....this little one is the perfect model for your food!!!

  2. I love the face of your new dll.
    At first I saw it as a girl, but in fact seeing it with the hat it could be a boy too.
    Are you going to make a frog?

  3. rosanna: ... I shall reveal it when I have the costume made. Hahahha! :)

    Patty: thank you! I am very close to getting more little friends for J, oh no (for my wallet)!

    miniacollection: thank you! :) Yes, it feels like J can be both boy and girl doesn't it? I'll reveal the animal costume in the later entries! :D

  4. your new doll is beautiful. what are these types of dolls called and are they quite expensive?
    personally I think it looks like a boy so him and Ai could get together XD but it's for you to decide :)

  5. Lauren: Thank you, these dolls are called ball-jointed dolls, and they come from various companies which sculpt them. This particular kid I have is a Pukifee Bonnie (sculpt name) from Fairyland (company). They are pretty expensive, costing from a few hundreds to several thousands depending on rarity, customisation and size. :) Oh this little one is too small and can only be Ai's sister/brother! :D