Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Pizza Project - Part One

I've wanted to make miniature pizza FOREVER, and I'm finally getting started on this savoury project! 

I just get into my crazed perfectionist mode especially when I'm sculpting a new item, and I've been researching so much on the real pizza and how it's baked and the various toppings that I've got myself some serious pizza dough cravings. 

Next up - tomato puree paste and melted cheese. 


  1. I can't wait to see the final project all put together... although I think it might make me hungry, LOL!

  2. Dear Jocelyn,
    hi, this is Isabelle:) I'm sorry that I couldnt attend as much of your workshops as I would like, I have already missed so much:( but now after exams are done, do you think that you could slot in a workshop during the June holidays??? Preferably during the first week of June? :( I really want to sculpt more food, its really fun and you're lessons are super awesome. Thank you!!! By the way, I really love this post!

    1. Dear Isabelle, please don't worry about it! I'll be having quite a few workshops coming up soon, if you're subscribed to AiMail you'll be getting details very soon! :)

  3. Dear Jocelyn,

    I really hope you'll read this. Do you remember me? I am Isabelle and I'm really sorry that I couldnt attend as much of your workshops this year as I would have liked to, its just that school's so busy! Now its the June holidays and I would really love to join one workshop since I have more time now... would it be possible to organize one? Preferably in th first week of June? I really miss your fun lessons that are super awesome!! :) you can contact me at Thank you:))

  4. Can't wait to see the final outcome of this mini pizza! Looks fantastic so far, love the pepperoni! :) Yum.