Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Cheeseburger Story.

Last Saturday, a burger-making workshop happened. 
Not your regular burger, but a MINIATURE one. :)

I'm here to share a few photos of that day, and also fill you in on some juicy behind-the-scenes details.

So, for every workshop there is ALWAYS something going wrong during preparation and during the actual workshop. Don't get me wrong, we all have fun crafting but nothing ever goes perfectly to plan. Sometimes it's little small hiccups which I can get away with without participants even knowing about. ;)

Of course this workshop came with its fair share of bumps. Let me tell you a story about a very special cheeseburger.

Whenever possible, I've always loved to get real life versions of whichever food we're making so that the participants get to compare them during crafting. Similarly for this workshop, I wanted to get a real life burger that looked like the miniature version. 

Oh my, searching turned out to be SO DIFFICULT. I originally thought I could just research online for photos on the various fast food websites. That worked out well and I found Burger King's tendergrill chicken to be pretty similar. But I got a huge shock when I bought that burger and opened up the wrapping. :( Head to my instagram if you wanted to see how the burger looked like, not a pretty sight and NOT AT ALL like the promotional photo. 

{ Here is the photo of the miniature version and the real deal. }

After much deliberation and wondering if I should just make my own burger from scratch (I was only a few hours away from the workshop by then), I decided I'll try my luck at Mcdonald's. I saw that the Cheeseburger had a few elements I required - the buns without sesame seeds and the dark-coloured beef patty. However, it also had some ingredients which the miniature version didn't have.

So I headed down to my neighbourhood Mcdonald's, and made the craziest order in my life.

"Hello! Can I get a Cheeseburger, without pickles, without onions, without ketchup, without cheese. AND can I add on lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes?" 

To be honest I was ready for the server to give me the evil eye before letting me know that it was not possible. BUT I was pleasantly surprised when the lady gave me a warm smile and went, "Sure! Now let me just try to key this in, it's a bit of a challenge." She was so sweet throughout the entire communication with the kitchen staff and I was so touched and ready to pay extra for my crazy special request.

Guess what, I only paid $1.50. Which means there wasn't even an extra charge!

Dear server lady at Bukit Batok MRT Mcdonald's, you totally made my day. And I'm going to carry around a miniature replica of the burger so that I can pass that to you when I see you again!

So that's just one of the stories which happened because of my workshops. There are so many to tell, good and bad ones. But let's leave the rest for another blog entry. :)

Finally, I'll like to thank all of the lovely people who came down for the workshop where we got to make the world's smallest burgers together! They're all holding up their creations in the picture above, and there sits the real deal in the centre beside my little workshop chalkboard. ♥ 

Also, the miniature burger was made into a earphone plug, which would help protect dust from entering your phone. It's also in the store! Already, I've got a customer who bought it and showed me a photo of the burger on her iPad, very cute if I may say so. :)

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