Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Whattt, within a week? :)

Thank you for the support, lovely people! 

Within a week, all slots for the upcoming workshop - Pretty as Cupcakes Earrings, 
have been snatched up! :)

For those who did not manage to get a slot, there will be more workshops coming up and more chances to craft together! ♥

For everyone who have successfully registered, congrats and please check your mailboxes within this week as I will send you an email with more details of the workshop! Can't wait for Saturday!! :)
The next thing I wanted to announce, is that AiClay now has a YouTube account! And while there is just one video in there now, I will be uploading more miniature food related videos definitely! So please subscribe to the AiClay channel, so that you would be informed when the videos are up.

For my first video, I have some footage of what went on during the most recent AiClay Workshop at Hwa Chong Institution. Do watch it if you have always been curious about my workshops!

Oh yes, I did film and upload the video in Full HD, so do watch it in HD! 

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