Monday, November 19, 2012

Making a bento - miniature style. :)

Hello! I just had one of the most amazing weekends, to sum it up I'm finally going to be able to get a furry friend in my household. :) You'll know more if you follow me on twitter or instagram!

So, today I wanted to conduct a little pictorial cooking recipe for bento. Okay, so it's actually a miniature bento.. and it's made of polymer clay so it's inedible.

But I reckon the steps shouldn't be that far off from a real life recipe. Here goes!

Step One of making bento.

First, you'll need some colourful vegetables and eggs. Yes, the cherry tomatoes have eyes on them and the carrots are cut in the shape of the ghosts from the game Dragon Nest!  

 Step Two.

Next, you want to lay out some fresh lettuce leaves on the bento box. 

Step Three.

Now you want to cook rice and make it into a ghost shape (following the Dragon Nest ghost!) and lay it on the lettuce bed.
[to be continued soon]


  1. OH MY GOD how cute is that!! I love the little ghost made out of rice. Super sweet set, though I have no idea how you manage to produce THAT small tomatoes :D

  2. SO adorably cute! :) I never made a bento for my boyfriend (I'm sure he'd love it!) and now I want to try! :D
    Oh, I am hosting a miniature giveaway on my blog - micro elves and gnomes are involved ^__^ Come and have a look, if you want! :)
    Big hugs from Sweden!