Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a hot dog, no a sausage, no waitt a bratwurst!

Never mind what it's called, it's just really tasty eh. And I love them meat when it's packed in a bun and with a squeeze of mustard and chilli. Mmmm.

Miniature hot dog/sausage/bratwurst bun handsculpted by me. 
Miniature packaging designed and handmade by me too.

It's about 2cm in length by the way.


I put it in the store on Sunday midnight, and I woke up the next morning and checked my email as usual. Somehow I had this feeling that the Paypal fairy has arrived and it really did! And took away the miniature hot dog bun and gave me oh sweet cash instead. (just kidding, I'm not that in love with money haha)

That was the fastest I've ever sold something, got me smiling that whole day. :)

But I've got a few of them hot dog buns, so here's another one in store

Today was the first official day I introduced someone new into the AiClay team (hello Jackie if you're reading this!), and she came over to my workspace for a training session and to help in painting some miniature baskets for next week's workshops.

Picture of the mess we made, from my instagram
Follow me there, my username's joceaiwei! 

It was really awesome to have someone to chat to while working on AiClay, and I'm already envisioning a bigger workspace next time with a bigger AiClay team. Working on sculptures, marketing, packaging etc. Of course, there is still quite a while to go before AiClay reaches that, especially with the staggering rental cost of a workshop in land-scarce Singapore.

But I can always work towards that right? ;)

P.S The workshops are held by Hwa Chong Institution so they aren't open for the public. To everyone who has been waiting for the workshops, I'm working on conducting one in November! -fingers crossed!


  1. haha..people like bratworst I think it's the 2012 version of a hot dog (it's practically the same thing only it's meatier and cost more so maybe it's not the same thing..too early I need coffee)

    they look wonderful and I'm glad they sold

    Marisa :)

    1. Hi Marisa, hahah I'm all confused about the different names for similar foods too, so no worries! always sweet of you to leave a comment. ♥

  2. an AiClay team? Wow :)
    I say Bratwurst but just because I was born in Germany huhu!
    Great minis!


    1. Hi Stephanie! ♥ I know how busy you get so thank you for leaving a comment here! :) and thank you, I'm drooling over your works in fb too! mmm.