Saturday, September 8, 2012

I believe she asked for Carrots. ;)

Hi all! 

I'll be leaving for a short getaway to Bangkok in a few hours! I'll be back on Wednesday, so all emails and orders will be attended to then.

Also, thank you for all who have participated in the previous giveaway, really enjoyed reading through the proposal stories! Results for the winner are in.


Congratulations shoppingqueenie! 
Please email me at to receive your prize - a Free Worldwide Shipping Coupon.

Hope to see more people joining in the next giveaway, there will be more to come!


Leaving you guys with another photo of the carrot ring. 

It has a name now too - I believe she asked for Carrots. If you fancy it, please nab it here. It can come with 1, 1.5 or 2 carrots. ;)

Till next Wednesday then, adios amigos! :)

Also, I'll be updating my Instagram regularly with snapshots of my trip. My username is joceaiwei, feel free to follow me!

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