Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back with some pudding love!

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! ♥ 
This time, I brought along my DSLR so I got to snap away. 
Sharing some photos at the end of post, but first.

Here are some miniature pudding cups I handsculpted ('cept for little metal spoon). 
Packaging handmade by me as well.

I searched high and low for Jello pudding cups in the supermarkets here to investigate the packaging further, because believe it or not, I have never had a pudding cup before. They're hugely popular snacks in Hollywood movies, so I guess puddings are just not an Asian thing.

Now I have two cups in my fridge, just waiting for the right time for me to indulge. :)

Sharing a few of my memories of Bangkok. :)

1. Scoot airplane which flew us there.
2. The first dinner we had when we landed, Japanese!
3. My elephant ♥ top which I bought in the previous trip there. 
4. Hotel breakfast for all 3 mornings, we got to choose the kind of eggs we wanted - scambled, omelette, hard-boiled. 

I did enjoy my Bangkok getaway, did some crazy shopping too since everything was cheaper over there. Maybe I'll share some of them in the next post. :)


  1. I had fun on my stop over there, we went to the Phillipines and Singapore too but we had the bumpiest flight ever going home to the USA (think the pilot was trying to race the weather)

    I love your pudding :)


    1. Hi Marisa! Oh yikes bumpy flights are pretty horrid, I cringe at the turbulence like I'm on a rollercoaster ride! I've never been to Phillipines though, maybe one day. :) and thank you (about the pudding). ♥