Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waitttt, I thought you meant carrot! {give-away}

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Sigh. The things guys resort to, to get out of getting a girl her best friend - diamonds
(Or so Marilyn Monroe says.)

1.5 carrot ring handsculpted by me.

This carrot/carat ring idea has been on my list of ideas-to-work-on FOREVER, and a few weeks ago, someone commissioned this as his proposal ring. Of course, this ring was sped up through the list and got made finally. 

After getting the green light that he has presented his fiancee with the ring, I can finally show off the ring! :) 

Personally, I'm not particularly fond of diamonds, and especially not of its hefty price tag. I've heard of girls preferring to get Tiffany's classic ribbon ring instead of diamonds. Also, there are those who swear by the diamond and its symbolism of eternity. 

So here's a give-away because I'm curious.

What about you? What's your dream proposal, or how would/did you propose? 
Or how were you proposed to?  

Share your proposal stories by commenting below (with a valid email address), and a lucky winner would get a Free Registered International Shipping Code for use in my Etsy shop. 

There are no expiry dates for these codes. Only one comment for each email please! Giveaway would end on 7th September midnight. ♥



    My hubby (who's blind) told me he needed help on his computer... I went and sat in his desk chair in his parents house... he was on his knee (but I didn't see it) and was forcing something into my hand... I was annoyed, as I was working on his pc... but then I looked down and saw by beautiful ring. He asked if I would do him the honor of being his wife... I cried and said yes. :)

    1. Tt's such a beautiful proposal. =)

  2. That is indeed a beautiful way to be proposed :')


    I really want him to be very creative, something completely unpredictable :D And I personally do not want a ring; I'd rather have the tiffany puffy heart charm so I can wear it and not worry about losing it. Or the ribbon ring you mentioned :) Not a big fan of rings.

    Something like this:

    Hopefully the video works!

  4. My proposal story was planned by my hubby group of friends, as i told him before he is a boring guy, in order to get me, he must think of an out of the box idea to propose if not I wouldn't settle down with him at ROM. We registered first but I tell him no proper propose I wouldn't turn up at the hotel for the solemization.

    7 years ago, the Gacha trend was in frenzy, the machine that put in coins and turn up many very nice Japanese character. So our colleagues always go to Suntec there's a shop that specialised selling these to try our luck in getting complete toy. When we date that day to go there, I sense something not right, while walking to the shop, I was so worried my hubby will just kneel down to propose, thank god he didn't as it's not an unique proposal, so while we reach the shop, everyone begin to be excited in getting the toys, so I was very relieved since nothing happen. While playing with the machines, I open up the capsule and there the ring is in it. And my hubby proposed in front of our friends. And so the story of my married life begin like that.

  5. A dream proposal for me would be after watching sunset together on the beach, or the highest hill in the city <3 <3