Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ My Take on It } Firmoo Sunnies.

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Ahem, this is my first product review and I'm so excited to share this with you all!

Firmoo could not have contacted me at a better time. I was just wondering whether I should invest in a good pair of sunnies when I received a email from Firmoo, stating that they would like to send over a pair of their eyewear for a review on this humble blog.

All of my previous shades were too huge and had thin frames which threatened to break with the gentlest twist. So I definitely pounced on Firmoo's offer.

Seeing how eyewear is as much a fashion accessory now as well as a sight aid, please read on my dear readers!

So yes, this post is sponsored but this is all honest opinion, promise.


If you haven't heard of it yet, Firmoo is a very popular eyewear company and has eyewear for men and women, sunglasses or any spectacles in frames you can think of. Honestly, I took so long just to choose my pair, they all looked really chic.

Here's the BEST part. For first time customers, Firmoo is offering a free pair of glasses, no matter which price range they are or which style they are. You just have to pay shipping, that's it!

Shipping was pretty darn fast, I received mine within a few days after confirming my chosen shades. And while I didn't get a chance to photograph the entire package, but the sunnies came with a sturdy case, cloth, glasses pouch, extra screws and a handy little screwdriver!
I put them on straight away and wow they are really sturdy. I chose the pair that was slightly aviator-like, with a tortoise shell frame and gold rim at the top. They looked exactly like how I had pictured looking at the photos online. 

Oh yes, they also had a nifty widget in the website which allows you to see how the eyewear would look on you. You just had to upload a photo of your own face.

So my take on my pair of Firmoo Sunnies? I was very satisfied. ♥ Nothing much to pick on at all, honestly.

Here are the useful links again.

P.S Please pardon my interchangeable usage of the words, sunnies/sunglasses/shades. I'm indecisive like that haha.

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