Monday, March 12, 2012

Colourful Donuts.

It's a dreary Monday today, the grey skies threaten to pour rain but that hasn't happened and it's already evening.

So let me introduce a bit of colour today. ♥

I sketched these donuts while planning for the workshop a while back. Got really bored today and tried colouring them in using Photoshop. It's really amatuerish work and I can't paint any other decorations but sprinkles apparently.

But I still love the happy colours! ♥
Maybe I'll make some miniature versions following these colours.


I gave myself a day off today, and finished reading Lord of the Flies. And then I went on Youtube to search if there were any movies based on the book. Turns out there were not one, but TWO, one made in 1963 and one in 1990.

So I watched through BOTH of the films. It was a true agony sitting through the 1963 version, not only was it in black and white (maybe that's why I felt today was so dreary), the whole movie felt like a school play because of the almost-hilarious poor acting. The only saving grace was that it was really entirely based on the book, and the actors were almost reading the book word for word (not sure if that's a good thing).

The 1990 version had colour (yay!) and the cast acted more naturally, even though the film was rather loosely based on the book, and the plot was very different.

But after spending all that time, I don't even like the book that much to begin with. Haha.


  1. How do you colored the pretty donuts? I really love all your creations, they're so beautiful. Take care, kisses

  2. I really enjoyed Lord of the Flies (book) I read it when I was a kid and I always found it really harrowing, all the terrible things that happened to them and how quickly their old lives were forgotten. I'm pretty sure I've seen the 1990 film but I can't remember it lol.