Tuesday, March 20, 2012

all my bags are packed..

..I'm ready to go. 

I can't help it, this song goes through my head everytime I'm packing for a trip. This time, I'll be flying to Taiwan! If you guys know me, you'll know that I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching Taiwanese talkshows (they're really entertaining!). 

So I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for any celebrities when I'm there!

For now, let me leave you with a few snapshots I took of a miniature cake I made. The customer specified 'duckky' on the little card, just in case you thought I had made a spelling mistake.

While sculpting it, I was thinking to myself this is the kind of cake I would like. Just a simple flower decoration, and the little crown of pearls at the bottom added a touch of elegance. And I was imagining it'll be a dense, rich chocolate cake. Yum.

Someone thinks she can get away with stealing a bite, your bunny disguise isn't helping you Mio! 

Also, just compare both my hand and hers near the cake, that should give you an idea of how tiny the doll (and cake) is!

As for the next photo, I was debating on whether I should even showcase this in my blog.

You know, I've never liked to sculpt animals/humans, though I sometimes accept commissions just for fun and to sculpt something different. But when the customer asked for a belly-dancer figurine on the cake, my face was like O.O and alarm bells were ringing loudly in my head.

Human figurines are not my proudest creations, and I've sworn it off a long time ago. But the customer insisted, even though I warned him it might be ugly haha.

In the end, I sucked it in and sculpted this teeniest belly-dancer. I wish I had taken a photo of it on my finger, but just imagine it on the photo above where I have the cake on my hand.

She's starting to look like a mermaid to me though, because I thought I was being smart by avoiding sculpting legs by dressing her in a skirt that reached the cake. Thankfully the customer did not express any discontentment (or revolt lol), and was in fact happy. Phew.

I've always wanted to sculpt little kewpie figurines for my miniature cakes though, maybe when I'm feeling adventurous again haha. 

This post is getting a little long eh, but nevermind, since I'll be gone for almost 2 weeks. Hang in there with me!

Here's a cookie pendant that I sculpted a while ago, hung on a keychain and handphone strap.

It's photographed on my pink wallet, my favourite buy from the bangkok trip a few months ago! The fabric is starting to peel a bit though, sigh.


 Ending this post with a sweet photo of my little ones. 

They remind me of chocolate and vanilla, since one is tanned and the other has a milky complexion.


See you guys in 2 weeks, will be back with photos and travel experiences! 

I will also tend to all emails/convos/orders only when I'm back, on 30th March. Thank you!

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  1. Hahaha i like your belly dancer figurine! I can imagine how small it is. And you made her cheeks blush so beautifully! :)