Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miniature cupcake { f l o r a l . p i n k }

In order not to bore you too much, I have decided to group the hundreds of photos of Hokkaido (Japan) and share them in a series of entries.

But first, here's one of my favourite creations in recent months - a miniature cupcake named { f l o r a l . p i n k }.
The name came from its swirl of rose-pink frosting and the dainty white flower decoration.

I admit I was quite in love with this series of photos too, I adore the pairing of rose pink and teal colors.

Plus Ai just looked too cute with the cupcake. 

 This cupcake was later made into a necklace pendant for a dear customer. :)

{ Photos from Hokkaido }

While editing the Hokkaido photos, I realised I have so many that I want to share with you. It was hard to just choose a few, but here are some special ones.
This is Swan Lake. Supposedly, flocks of swans would glide on the lake during winter.

Hokkaido is famous for having the freshest produce, fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the honeydew slices, the flesh was really sweet!

This is a famous highway where the roads steeped up and down at great angles.

The Japanese take their garbage sorting very seriously. Good on them for contributing towards saving Gaia. :)

I was pleasantly surprised to find acorns here, I had thought they would only be seen in wintry Hokkaido. :)

The sunset over Lake Toya, it was a magnificient sight.

Shall end with a photo of me sitting at Swan Lake, bathing my feet in the hot waters dug from beneath the ground. Taking full body or feet saunas is a national exercise in Japanese.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, there is still a lot more about Japan I would share, in the next post! :)


  1. ~*Beautiful nature photos! I love the cupcake! The garbage sorting at the Japanese fast food place is good! They should do that here in America too!

    I think the fruit is called a cantaloupe? I think honeydew is green? So yummy when they are ripe and chilled!
    The last photo looks rather relaxing. :o) Nice!

  2. So sweet! The cupcake is amazing! The photos are wonderful

  3. That cupcake is adorable! The liner looks gorgeous :)

    And once again you try and make us jealous with your photos of Japan... :D
    The landscapes are amazing! :)

  4. Amber: Yes I wish they would adopt that practice in Singapore too! At least I wouldn't feel so bad when 2012 rolls about. :/ Hmm the yellow/orange fruit has always been called honeydew in my country, I gotta go see what's a cantaloupe! Oh yes I loved just sitting at Swan Lake. :)

    Eliana: Thank you!! hugs. :)

    Stella: Thank you, the liner was handmade too. :) Yes Hokkaido has some pretty amazing landscapes! Not so much now I'm back in my city. :(

  5. Your mini cupcake is ADORABLE. How was Hokkaido is it absolutely safe to travel there soon? I'm a new follower btw - mind following back? :D

  6. all your pic from Hokkaido are great, i wish i can be there too but after the earthquake, everything just need to be postpone. you doll and cupcake are amazing.