Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from Hokkaido! { raspberry tartlets }

And so I'm back from Hokkaido after nine days, and desperately trying to regain some sculpting discipline so as to get some headway on my commission list. However, my heart seems more intent on getting all the computer-time I've missed on vacation. 

Mind over matter they say. :)

I shall post some photos of Japan in the next entry. For now, I have more photos of Ai with some 1/3 scale raspberry tartlets.

I do wish to be able to bake a tart one day, but for now my oven is still very much a foreign device which keeps asking me questions I can't answer. Anyone else feel that way about their technological gadgets? 

I imagine my first tart to be similar to these in the photo - piling on raspberries, chocolate, and powdered sugar. It's just too pretty and doesn't seem that fussy to deal with.

That's my hand holding the tartlets, all housed in a pretty polkadot box.

Can't wait to share Hokkaido/Tokyo photos with you! Hmm it was a lot hotter over there than I expected, and I saw a parade of naked women almost every day. But that's a story for another entry. :)


  1. beautiful work art,lovelyyy so much delicated.....
    i love this
    big hug from brasil

  2. Beautiful doll food!
    I love how you made Ai gray and the tart stay in color. It makes it look more "delicious"!
    .... Your photos of Japan sound like they will be cool and hot at the same time!

  3. sisi, awww hugs from singapore! :) you're too kind!

    amber, hahaha cool and hot! Yes, I'm a big fan of washing away the colours of the background especially when it's the same old boring sky backdrop again. :/