Saturday, June 12, 2010

The one where I plead and beg.


It turns out that non-Singaporeans can't vote, because registration requires a NRIC number. :( Thank you to all of you who tried though, it's really sweet. :) To the Singaporean readers, I need your support even more now! -kowtows.


I really am beating myself up for taking the longest time ever to write this post.

This humble 18-months blog of mine, has been nominated as a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards.

Honestly, I have no clear idea of how it all happened.

One day, out of the blue, my cousin texted me, "Hey, do you know your AiClay website is in some blog awards?" Which I didn't.

And so immediately, I pounced on a computer and conducted a Google search, which easily pulled up the fact that AiClay has indeed been nominated as a finalist in the E-commerce category in the Singapore Blog Awards.

After reading through the selection process, I was feeling extremely flattered that a panel of judges had actually chosen my blog, together with 9 other finalists, amongst many others who had registered or been nominated.

Until now, I still do not know who had registered for AiClay, but I thank you, whoever you are. :)

So now, here comes the pleading and begging.

Here onwards, besides the 70% weightage given to judges, a heavy THIRTY PERCENT rests on votes by the public, namely you!

If you're one of the lovely 172 people following the blog, or if you've just popped by and enjoyed my writings and photos, it would mean a lot to me if you could cast a vote of support for me.



Register here as an OMY user. (this takes about 1 minute.)

After activating your account through your email, log in.

Head to the Categories & Nominees page, click on the E-commerce category at the side.

Search for my banner picture, I've circled the portion you need to look at!

Place your cursor on the vote banner, it will turn from pink to green! Now just click!
Note that if you click on the picture outside of the vote banner, it would lead you back to this blog instead.

A pop-up window will ask to confirm if you want to vote for AiClay, just click Yes.

Voila, you're done! :)


Even if you're not the least bit interested in showing your support, the website is a treasure trove of carefully hand-picked blogs, even separated into categories like 'Best laugh-out-loud', 'Best Modeling' etc. What more can a bored Internet user want! :)

To sum up my emotions for this post.

Pretty please, vote for me? :)

P.S Every OMY member gets a fresh vote everyday, and voting ends 31st June 2010!


  1. I want to vote for you, but it seems I can't register because I'm not a resident of Singapore (you need an NRIC number to register for the website). :( Best of luck to you anyway!

  2. The same for me :( so good luck, I hope you will be the winner :)

  3. oh shucks, that's a downer as I know most of you are non-Singapreans! :(

    But still, thank you both shiverstheninja and mairi! really sweet that you tried to vote. :) Thank youu so much!