Sunday, June 20, 2010

The 3 sacred alphabets - P, B and J.

One of the things I enjoy most in the entire process of crafting miniatures - is when I get to create molten, liquid items. It's utmostly satisfying to beat the crap out of both solid clay and liquid clay, and watch the ugly lumps miraculously form beautiful swirls in the end. They often resemble the real-life items so much, I just want to lick them off my work-slab. (But PLEASE don't!) Such items include liquid egg white, cream soup, cupcake frostings and of course, sandwich spreads.

And what spread would be more notorious than the almight duo - Peanut Butter & Jelly.You can almost smell the delectable fusion of nutty and fruity, can't you!

I was mad hungry while slathering on the spreads on the miniature toasts, and I worked late into the night. Oh, how I craved for a PB&J at that time!

Food manufacturing giants have long latched on to this delicious concoction, and came up with the convenient bottle of peanut butter and jam, readily mixed. I too, have a bottle in my house, having succumbed to the fast-food world we have now become. But as most good things are, the old-fashioned method usually produces the best results. That's why I made mine (minature ones) with a thick slap of peanut butter, and an equally generous spread of jelly.

 Measurements: 3.2cm (longest side of halved sandwich), 0.7cm in height.

And if anyone's missing this bright-eyed cutie, here's a bunch of photos showing Ai, munching on her teatime treat.

That's it. I'm digging into that pre-mixed bottle of PB & J now, ciao! :)


  1. Awesome awesomeeee I'm hungrrrryyyy!!

  2. hahaha ur so funny beat the crap out of the clay !? well ~ the results are certainly delicious !

  3. Sorry ah tt was me hahaha.-wanyu

  4. WOW!! Jocelyn, Those looks so delicious!!! Makes me want one now with my tea!! You must try peanut butter with banana! It is so good!!!

  5. cool stuff! they look so real :P makes me hungry haha

  6. I love your miniatures, they're so real and delicious-looking ! Miniaturising is not very popular here in Poland, so I'm searching the Internet to find some cute tiny creatures and yours are on my toplist :)

  7. Your work is so beautiful...I just love these p b & J did an amazing always...I'm so craving one right

  8. thank you everyone!! :) always so heartwarming to know that people are enjoying my posts and photos! :)

    to all those who are getting hungry, do your stomach a favor and whip up a hearty pb&j now! :)

    and patty, peanut butter and banana sounds like it'll be amazing. YUM!

  9. These are super cute, and the textures are unbelievably realistic! :)