Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nutty Carrot Cake

I'm back from Brisbane!

The shop is still on vacation mode, so I wouldn't be processing any customisations. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I've been unproductive! :)

Nutty Carrot Cake

This is specially for the kids! - a delightful mix of nuts and sweet carrots and thickly glazed with cream cheese frosting. Kids would be thrilled with the fun carrot shape and its crispy crunch!

Japanese Butter Cake

Fluffy cake with a buttery fragrance!

Hazelnut Cream Trio

Delightful trio of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnut cream cake, with a chocolate glaze topped with a lightly roasted hazelnut.

Simple Ol' Chips!

This is Australian-inspired, as we had this almost every other day! Over there, they call fries chips. Like, in fish and chips! :)


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