Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If your dream doesn't scare you, dream bigger.

It's a weird world we live in now. 

Try searching 'apple' online and it turns up all sorts of phones and computers, and nothing from Mother Nature. 

Miniature apple charm hand sculpted by me. 

The past few weeks could possibly be the most hectic and crazy few weeks ever since I started full-time at AiClay 4 years ago. 

We're in the very final stage of getting the Pocket Kitchen kits shipped successfully to our shores (which involved so much more money and effort than we could ever imagine), and putting the final touches to our 100% self-filmed and edited video tutorials.

When I say we, I mean me and JY, who has been the biggest financial backer in this project and an amazing source of support mentally. He's also done more than his needed share of work, with helping to liase with all our suppliers, and editing the videos and so many more. Thank you, my dear partner!

Of course, I also have some workshops planned during this period, which was possibly not a very smart move on my part. :( But it's okay, everything is falling into place, despite being on a terribly tight schedule. 

We received this picture from our supplier a while back.

Just looking at it fills me up with a lot of excitement, anticipation, and to be completely honest, a pinch of fear. 

These turquoise boxes you see, are a part of our entire Pocket Kitchen shipment. Which is a lot, to say the least. Okay, 1000 pieces to be exact. 

I'm sure most of you understand economies of scale, so we had to order this minimum quantity in order to keep the final cost of Pocket Kitchen reasonable for the customers.

Of course, nothing is free. 

As we deal with the shipping costs, taxes and customs and warehouse and all kinds of crazy fees we hadn't even thought of to expect, our investment in this project is turning out to be a rapidly growing, giant ball of money.

To part with that much of our savings is frankly quite frightening. 😖 

But I'm going to suck it up, HAVE FAITH in Pocket Kitchen and work my damnest hard to market our baby. 

Cheer me on? 

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