Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes, we are shipping worldwide!

This is really quite outrageous. 

YES! We are shipping Pocket Kitchen all around the world!

And now, we have decided to launch a limited shipping promotion for 30 of you! It is now only +$10 (originally +$40) if you make it there fast enough!

I've always felt very blessed to receive compliments on my works from time to time, but you know what, YOU can create the same beautiful and amazing works too! 

With some creativity and time, you will very soon have your own treasure trove of unique handcrafted pieces, that you can keep or wear to show them off! 

The Pocket Kitchen is designed with making everyone a MAKER, in mind. With it, you spend less time searching for the right materials, and more time creating! 


Let me share some behind the scenes of the miniature iced coffee making process.

Top-down view of the whipped cream on the iced coffee.

I design all of my labels on the computer then print them out.

Here they are. All cut out. :) 

Bonus tip! I used a wet cotton to remove the paper fibers at the back, so that the label would be thin.

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