Saturday, March 14, 2015

Surprise Workshop Mission!

Some day last year, I received an email from Junda who wanted a private craft party for his fiance Bellina. Bellina is in love with miniatures, specifically food miniatures, so it was perfect that he found me and AiClay! :D

A few emails later, we had a surprise party all ready on 8 Nov 2014, for the beautiful lady.

She was all smiles during the workshop, actually they both were. :) The hours sped by, and here are some shots of her doing the necessary photoshoot of their completed works after every AiClay workshop.

Junda also joined in during the workshop, and he actually made that miniature double deck sandwich! While Bellina went super creative and made two adorable cupcakes.

All of them were made into necklaces for the lady. ;)

Thank you for coming for the workshop, you two! I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys, and I really hope that you two will remember that day crafting together for a long time to come. :)

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