Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodbye little minions, and some burgers!

I need to pop in here more often! 

Please click here to view photos of the ice cream workshop and they're all taken by the sweet 刘子绚! ♥ For those who don't live in Singapore, she's an actress and also one of the owners of BFF Zakka. It was such a pleasure meeting her for the first time that day, and I know JY didn't regret helping me out at that event haha. She's really pretty, even without make-up and was totally sweet in offering her help anyway she could during the workshop. :)

Speaking of workshops, I have one more lined up tomorrow! We'll be making minature burgers, into earrings or a phone dust plug accessory. If you want to join us, quick email me at by tonight to register! 

When: 19th Oct 2013, Saturday. 2-6pm
What: Burgers on earrings or on handphone dust plugs (see
Where: My home studio (3min walk from Bukit Batok MRT), full address will be given upon confirmation of slot
Fees (incl. materials, usage of tools and equipment, giftbox, accessories): $65/pax, $60 for those who bring a friend


Ah, the minion project is coming to a close! My mom was helping me arrange the fifty odd minions for the photoshoot before I packaged them, and when I checked on her a while later she had gathered all into a battle-ready line-up haha.

This was how I decided to package them in the end, and into gift-boxes and brown envelopes they went!

And a little behind-the-scenes. Here is the actual size of the entire photoshoot area. LOL, the wonderful thing about photographing miniatures.

Psst. I actually have some miniature minions left for adoption, because due to the crazy logistics involved, there were some that were not made according to the commissioned ones. So I've decided to give them up for adoption as well, but more information will be up later. Wait for it! 


  1. omg! I love your clay work! you have amazing talent!

  2. Oh my god! Theese minions are totally adorable! I can't believe that human hands can do something like that. Are You 100% sure You're not a supernatural person? :D