Friday, July 20, 2012

How are you quacking this Friday?

Looking at these little ducks make me think of picnics, ponds and yummy egg mayo sandwiches.

I handsculpted the miniature duck macarons (yes they're macarons!) and made them into a ring. 

Oh the cuteness!

 The ring is also in the store. 
 I decided to get a little absurd with the name this time haha.


As a side-note, I'm wondering if any one knows someone who can create a Bigcartel widget? It should be like my Etsy widget (viewable on sidebar), but featuring my Bigcartel listings of course. If anyone can help, I'll be forever grateful! ♥

Lastly, 2 more days left till I start drawing lots for the Gold Coast Giveaway! It is such a cheap thrill to draw the winning name haha. Head over to my previous entry and join now!


  1. This is awesome!

    As for your big cartel, maybe you could do something with your rss feed but only using your images :)

  2. I love the ring, it's so cute! Sweet little duggies :)

  3. Adorable duckies!!! Love them! :)