Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye rabbit, hello dragon. {cake pops}

To the Chinese all around the world, you should know that today is the last day of the Year of the Rabbit (okay maybe hare), and the Year of the Dragon is fast approaching!

{miniature bunny cake pops handsculpted by me}

Chinese New Year is one of my favourite festivals, as it is celebrated on a large scale in my family and country. Dragon lanterns of all sizes and shapes decorate shopping malls and red cloth bearing auspicious words adorn the walls. 

At my house, my mom has been bustling around buying and arranging flowers and hanging up cute little paper dragons holding cards which say 恭喜发财.

The towering bottles of new year cookies have been distributed to houses of relatives and friends a week ago, leaving a few bottles for our family to host visitors.

Right now, my parents are still wiping dust off the television, fan blades etc, and I've just cleared out my wardrobe. It's astonishing how much dust can gather in just one year.

大扫除 or spring-cleaning is a tradition that most Chinese families abide by, and since it is considered unlucky to throw rubbish out or hold a broom during the period of Chinese New Year, everyone tries to complete their cleaning before the first day of the new year.


 There are so many Chinese traditions around this festival, some ridiculous and some practical, but for custom's sake my family tries to abide by all of them.

In a while, we would be heading to my aunt's place for a steamboat reunion, and rounds of games and maybe some gambling. :)

Bambi started play-acting with these little bunnies once I handed them to her. Because of the metal in the cake-pop sticks I included, and the magnets in her hands, she could hold them really well. ♥

Ouch! I just hit my little toe on the rubbish bin and it is starting to swell up. Oh no, I hope you are having a less accident-prone day than me.

To all the Chinese around the world and everyone who's celebrating, happy Chinese New Year to you! May health and happiness be bestowed upon you. ♥ 



  1. awww their so cute and tiny! Happy chinese new year :)

  2. lemonberrylulu: thank you, happy Chinese New Year to you too!! ♥

    Amber Dawn: Gong Xi Fa Cai!! ♥