Saturday, January 1, 2011

two zero eleven! :)

Let us usher in the new year of 2011 together with a loud cheer, shall we!

Hip hip hooray! :)

And apart from making a thousand resolutions we can't keep, chomping down on cakes and greasy party food, dancing the hours away, let's focus on making every second of this fresh start a happy one!

It's been said that everything that happens in this new day of a new year, will replicate itself for the rest of the year.

So, make sure you laugh a lot, eat good food, and keep wearing that beautiful smile today. As for me, I shall clear up my unfinished business for 2010, and get down to posting the rest of my Christmas photos.

There are twelve days of Christmas anyway, and I know I won't be complaining about any prolonging of Christmas celebrations.So do bear with me as I carry my Christmas pastries forward to 2011. :)

Cupcakes ready to wear a thick, rich coat of chocolate.

A Christmas chocolate tree, decorated with butter cookies and fresh cream frosting. 

Inspired by Muji's christmas catalogue of 2009. It's a habit of mine to flip through old books for inspiration, there's a treasure trove of knowledge in them!


Macarons in festive colours of red and green.

All together now. :)

And with that, pop your crackers, pull on your party hat and wave your arms around wildly!

Happy New Year to all of you!! :)

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  1. Shades of colourful wonders! Love your christmas tree.

    Oh yes, happy new year to you as well! :)