Monday, June 22, 2009

Scooting off to a chilly place!

Hi my dear readers and customers! :)

I'm not sure if everyone will notice the little change in the side panel, noting my vacation mode. But here is a reminder! :)

I will be away for vacation, from now till the end of July. I will still reply emails during that period, albeit not so often (every 3 days at least), but of course I will not be able to process any orders during that period. I can't possibly lug my entire work equipment and that heavy oven on vacation with me (though a small part of me would really like to :)).

Therefore, all orders that have been placed (before today) have already been processed and delivered, and I will not be able to accept any orders which have to be processed/collected by any date before 31st July 2009.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope all of you will be having fun during this vacation period too! :)

And just to clarify, that little comic above is to showcase two sculpted penguins I've not had the chance to put up, and to perhaps convey a simple moral lesson about 'looking on the bright side'. :)

It is not to suggest in any way, that I'll be going to Antarctic for my vacation. :P


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